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May 12, 2017, 23:05


Looking for my push-sticks plans? Links are on the Downloads Page.

Looking for the #MakeBlocks fileshare? Links are on the Downloads Page.

I am an upcyclist. I make nice things for nice people out of what would otherwise be thrown away. My goal is to make “worthless things priceless.” I make videos about making things, too. Check out my YouTube ChannelHere's a recent video:

I also have an amazing podcast! Reclaimed Audio. My cohosts Phil Pinsky and Bill Lutes are the best. Find us on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.


I make custom furniture, art, things, videos. what can I make for you? I also do lectures and teach classes on upcycling and making with reclaimed materials.

I am now making music for content creators! Starting at $50, I will make you music to own in your videos that is 100% yours. No one else will have it and you can use it whenever and wherever you like. Contact me to discuss.


I was on an FYI Network TV show called “Trashformers.” it was fun!

Take a video tour of my workshop and what drives me: (Video Link)

Or watch this 3-minute documentary made about me: (Video Link)


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